About the Artist

Rock on Rock Southcoast 
Peter Wirzburger is a self taught Rock Balancer and Photographer from New Bedford. His passion for balancing stones began while bicycling to the shorelines of New Bedford, Fairhaven, Dartmouth and Westport MA. There he noticed the beauty of the rocks and began “stacking” them.
The sculptures in the photos are all balanced and constructed without adhesives or mechanical means. No trick photography or Photoshop.
With the shoreline as his canvas, the stones as his paint and his hands
as his brushes, he hopes you enjoy the photos as much as he enjoyed
creating them.
More of Peter’s work can be viewed on YouTube under the user name

Most photos seen on this page are available for sale in various sizes. Enlargements are also available on canvas for a beautiful gallery look. Please use the form below to contact me with questions about sizes and prices. Thank you for checking out my site. Peter Wirzburger , Rock on Rock Southcoast.



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Rock Balancing by Peter Wirzburger

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